in the last two decades more comprehensive knowledge evolved on diabetes pathophysiology. The pharmaceutical industry developed new therapies that addresses better the disease pathophysiology. Professional guidelines recommend a more personal approach to treat diabetes patients.

The importance of avoiding weight gain and hypoglycemia became more prominent. long term randomized control trails regarding the cardiovascular safety of new drugs, have been published in the last years and more studies are ongoing.

We think that cardiovascular safety and benefits will be an important parameter to consider in type 2 diabetes treatment paradigm. Synergetic drugs combinations will start earlier and pre prepared fix combinations of different formulations will improve treatment compliance. Although every year international and national guidelines are published by professional diabetes associations, for the common general practitioner and even for the professional, it’s become more complicated to choose the appropriate therapy that will fit better the individual needs of his patient.

The idea to create an electronic medical decision support system derived from ten years of experience as consultant in diabetes for hundreds of primary care physicians in the electronic system. Shlomo Bracha - a software engineer - developed the computerized system.

We believe that our system could be a better way, which by clear friendly and up to date system will guide the health care provider to choose a therapy based on personal parameters of the patient.

Created by: Josef Cohen MD. & Shlomo Bracha SWE